How To Make A Website For Free In 20 Steps

Hello, my name is Kelly and I’m a Digital Marketer that specialises in building eCommerce stores. I currently run a platform that gives you tools and information on how to build online success. These include services for Branding, Marketing, Web Design and Affiliate Marketing.

My latest products for sale are Digital e-books and these are one off payments to have step by step guides on how to do something. Today we are selling the e-book How To Build A Website For Free and these e-books you can resell as your own product! 

Yes that’s right, download the book and change a couple of things like the support section where you would add your details and then add that product to your newly created website you built for free. So if you sell that e-book for the same price you purchased it, then you’ve made your money back on this product, which you can earn from over and over again.

So not only have you created your website for free in 20 steps you have the exact same blueprint downloaded and available to use as your first product to generate an income from. Easy as that, you will find more of these products on my website so go ahead and make your first purchase on a product you can sell and earn money from as well as making a website in 20 steps to sell this product from!

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